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Product 2024 Ticket- Soulful Entrepreneur Summit

Summit Pass

  • Live access to the Opening & Closing Keynote speaker sessions
  • Live access to the Daily Summit Panels and highly interactive Speaker Sessions, Morning Soulful Embodiment Sessions 
  • Live access to laser coaching, workshops and VIP Networking events 
  • Opportunities to build your connection/network with the community before and after the event to take your soulful success to higher levels
  • Access to our online summit hub where you'll be able to access information about the speakers, resources, lead magnets and schedules leading up to and during the event. Note- You will receive an email with details on how to join this community :) we are using Mighty Networks for this hub

This event will give you amazing connections to a community of other soulful business owners who know that success comes from the soul and not the hustle!

Recordings of the event will not be available due to the highly interactive nature of our format. We want to create a safe and comfortable space for people to openly share and we find that recordings limit the level of vulnerability people are willing to step into. In these events, the magic happens in the moment and want you to trust that what you were meant to get from the event is what sticks - no recording necessary

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